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      Welcome to Heart Song Healing
                 A place to heal & harmonize
                Body, mind  & soul.

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  Choose from a variety of services

  •   Body & Soul Harmonizing session
  •   Aromatherapy consultation & personal healing oil blend.
  •   Aromatherapy Massage                        
  •   Self love and healing the heart 
  •   Body of presence class
  •   Reflexology 
  •   Raindrop Therapy with soothing hot pack 
  •   Rejuvenating facial massage with essential oils.
  •   Lymphatic Massage
  •   Mediation lessons
Your first session will be 90 mins which  comprises of  a 30 minute consultation  where I will deeply listen to all that is going on for you that you would like to address i in your healing  session You can then relax into  a full hour of  healing  energy and bodywork.


                     Body & Soul Harmonizing 

 • Are you wanting to have more peace,  love , joy, and live feeling         fully supported by the universe?  
  • Do you want  to live every day in trust  connected  to your deeper      knowing and truth?  
  • Do you long to be doing your true  soul work that fills you with 
     joy.and fulfillment every day?
  • Do you want harmonious loving relationships?                                 
  • Would you like more true abundance in your life?   
  • Are you ready to make a change to a a more soul directed life?  
  • Would you like more radiant health and  and well being?

The first step to all you are desiring for yourself  is relaxing your  body and calming your mind,  then  connecting with  all parts of yourself that are blocking  your soul awakening and grounding.. In a Body-Soul  Harmonizing Session  we will work with identifying the areas that your body is holding  patterns and beliefs from the past on a cellular level , that are causing disease , energy blockages, and physical and emotional  pain that s keeping you from your radiant health  and the life of your dreams.
These unconscious patterns and beliefs are the root of all disease and imbalance  in our bodies and our lives. These patterns can  be controlling your life .your choices, and your health and you may not even be aware that they are there .Our bodies retain memory on a cellular level  of everything that we have experienced since being born and even in utero .When  these feelings and memories are brought to the surface to be identified and brought home to the light of consciousness, they can begin to heal. Through intuitive  sight and knowing I will assist you in unlocking  these deep seated childhood wounds, beliefs ,and programming and memories that are keeping you stuck..  I  will guide you to reconnect within to  these parts of yourself  that are anxious depressed, fearful,, angry, feeling disconnected  dis-empowered and causing emotional and physical pain in your body and  your  life, I  will facilitate you in embracing and learning to love every part of  your self through your whole journey . I  will teach you through sound  breath,  meditation and movement  how to connect with your divine self  and intuitive  knowing.  I will assist  you  in bringing divine truth and presence  to these parts of yourself that feel so abandoned so you can ,awaken and embody  more of your soul,s  essence through cultivating  unconditional self  love. and presence.Your  body can then let go of the old and embrace the true divinity of who you are and start to make empowered choices and new beliefs about yourself and  the life you truly want to live. From there true transformation happens and your consciousness and light grows stronger. You will begin to live your life from the the deep love that you are and live and create  your life from your joy and your passions

For appointment call

0 851586140 Dublin  Ireland
Skype  Collette.Taaffe 1

       Aromatherapy Consultation   

                   and Massage
Aromatherapy is the ancient art and science of blending and applying essential oils to heal balance, detoxify, and nourish our bodies and souls. Our sense of smell is a wonderful way our bodies let us know what we need and desire. .It is connected to the most primitive part of our brain and connects us  to the earth and our environment..When we lived closer to Mother earth we used this sense more as our survival sometimes depended on it. Of all our senses this is the one that we  probably use the least yet it truly connects us to our body wisdom and intuitive knowing.
Can you remember  how good you feel after walking through the forest or spending time in a peaceful garden?  That is because you are receiving so much oxygen and chi (energy) from the trees flowers, plants,sun rain, and air.. When a flower , plant or tree are growing they are absorbing all the natural life forces and energy from these sacred elements..Each flower plant and tree has its very own healing essence. When pure  essential oils are applied to your skin or  inhaled  they oxygenate every living cell in your body.  They bypass the blood brain barrier and  within 12 seconds  they are absorbed into your blood stream where they begin to relax your mind , nervous system and heal your body and soul.

In your Aromatherapy massage session you will be in a comfortable room with soft light and the relaxing aromas  Before we start we will have a  consultation. I will then blend your own personal blend  for your  massage based on your consultation.
In your aromatherapy massage  you will receive the healing and balancing effects of  your own personal  pure essential oil blend as your muscles and nervous system are relaxed and soothed and you whole body melts  away all stress and tension.
The oils applied will be absorbed within 12 seconds into your bloodstream, where they will begin restoring health and vitality. 
If you wish you can take the wonderful relaxing experience home with an additional bottle of your personal blended  oil that can be applied after bathing or showering , giving you the benefits of your aromatherapy treatment throughout your day.
   Aromatherapy consultations also on Skype  Collette.taaffe1
   Aromatherapy products  click here

beautiful soft pink flower photographed with a soft lens.is the color  of love and relaxation; reflexology;relaxation; Massage; Heartsong Healing; body

is the ancient healing art of massaging specific  reflex points on the feet that correspond to all your organs, glands spine, bones and joints in your body  As these points are  being massaged  with a special pressure point technique, energy travels up the major meridians  in the body and the places that ere congested  or where energy is stagnant start to come into balance. A reflexology session is like receiving a tune up for your whole body just like you bring your car for a tune up  You will feel totally rejuvenated and relaxed after your  reflexology session.    

Lymphatic  activation & Massage  

is  a very gentle treatment that stimulates the lymphatic fluid  to flow freely in the body. It  cleanses our bodies of harmful toxins that can stagnate causing disease. Our Lymphatic system is what carries  toxins to our channels of elimination   and is dependent on our breath to stimulate it  When it is congested we become sluggish and open to  disease. It is especially good to have a lymphatic massage if you are sluggish , detoxing, after physical injury, or have inflammation. Any kind of illness will benefit from a lymphatic  massage as it speeds up the healing process .  In a session you will have all the major lymph ducts opened  and will be taught how to breath the cleansing breath to keep your lymph flowing  assisting your body into radiant health. A single massage is wonderful and the best results are available  with a series of  5-10 treatments.

 For appointment call 
 353 1 851586140  Dublin Ireland 
[ Packages available at discounted price.]

      Body of presence.

is a meditation of your whole body in motion.A journey within connecting you to the  dance of life moving through your body moment by moment  In this class you will learn how to become totally present in your body,and through your awareness ,allowing the music to move you from your core  into spontaneous flow.
Feeling  every pleasurable motion your body makes as you find your own rhythm breath by breath.  You will be held in a sacred space of unconditional acceptance and love as you surrender to the energy of your own life force.
As you move in total presence the tensions within your body will start to melt and the joy and pleasure of just this moment this movement  will start to arise .There is only now. Dance wild dance free .

One on one session  75 euro
Class /events click here

                                                                        Meditation Lesson

 We cannot talk about  de-stressing without addressing  the muscle that most of us find the hardest to relax and let go of . This of course is our minds .We always seem to be 10 paces ahead of ourselves on our to-do lists and all the stuff we need to get done in a  day The ancient masters of  the East knew how we as human beings are challenged by our racing minds and overworked nervous systems . So the Art of Meditation was born .
As your mind becomes quite your whole nervous system becomes calm and you feel peaceful inside . Its like rebooting your whole system.
As you meditate you will notice your body also will relax and let go of tension .A lot of our tension is created by the consistent mind chatter .
Meditation actually can keep us looking young and radiant.
Call for details. 252 1 851586140


Raindrop therapy 

is as wonderful as it sounds.
7 very potent essentials oil are dropped up  and down your whole  spine and then massaged in with  feather light and deeper strokes on your back.Warm heated towels are then placed covering your back which relaxes your muscles even  more and enhances the absorption of these wonderful life giving  oils  into your body.As the Pure essential oils penetrate within 12 seconds into your bloodstream your body is flooded with oxygen. These oils are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal and are like little pac men gobbling up all bacteria and  pathogens, they come in contact with. This really increases your immunity and raises your oxygen levels  leaving you feeling refreshed like a walk in the forest.
The combination of these oils has been shown to bring the vertebrae in the spine back into alignment and has been used for centuries by the  indigenous peoples to correct scoliosis . So as your body is been relaxed , your immunity enhanced , you also receive a spinal alignment.
Perfect treatment for  building  maintaining a  healthy immune system, scoliosis,  & protection  against illness . It is also wonderful for cleansing and detoxifying the body and of course just for  sheer joy and relaxation .

For optimum results a series of raindrop therapies  are recommended and discounted packages are available.
Single treatment Regular  85 Euro
Series of 5 treatments  375 Euros  

Series of 10 treatments  750  Euro

 Pregnancy Massage

Aromatherapy massage for pregnant moms is one of the most wonderful ways to receive tender loving care for you and your baby during pregnancy.
As you breath in these aromas, you and your baby will come to feel the incredible feeling of all the tension and stress melting away. The gentle rocking and long relaxing strokes in the massage will lull you into a deep state of peace while the oils will begin to work their magic on your tense and tired muscles.
 There are a wide variety of essential oils that are perfect for all the changes your body goes through during pregnancy . After a consultation  you will be massaged with your own personal blend.

Individual  sessions or packages. [ Call 353 1 851586140]


 Soothes and unwinds stress, aches  pains and anxiety- It is  wonderful for calming your over worked nervous system, Relaxing your body and bringing peace to your mind. It has been found to improve circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility and even increase your longevity  It can reduce many common ailments such as stress, muscle tightness, over worked mind, anxiety,  lift your Spirits,  release endorphins  and stimulate neuro transmitters. the feel good  hormones. You can choose from  a variety of  massages listed below.

                                 Discounted Healing packages
                             4 massages/60 mins  each  260 euro
                                         Discount Price 240 euro
                                Combination massage /reflexology
                                         Discount price 480 euro

Call   353 1 851586140 to schedule an appointment

    Body and Soul Harmonising Skype session 
     Cultivating self love  Skype sessions

The  Body and soul harmonizing long distance session is done exactly in the same way except you will be in your own home.
We will set up a time where you can be in a quite place and relaxed . .
Each session is an 90 mins or more 
To schedule appointment  353 1  1 851586140

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