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  My Aromatherapy consultation and massage, pregnancy massage,

Hot Stone massage, and reflexology are designed to nurture 

and relax your body,calm your mind and 

release built up stress and tension form the tissues and organs

In the deeper healing session like Pranic healing including 

chakra clearing and balancing, lymphatic massage and 

body & soul harmonizing ,I work with you on all levels 

physically emotionally, spiritually, and energetically to heal​

 and regenerate Body and Soul 

This is how true healing and deep rejuvenation occurs in your body

Your first session is  90 mins which includes a consultation 

about what is going on for you and what you would like to 

address in your chosen therapy .

 If your just not sure what to choose just give me a call 

and I will assist you in the best choice for you.

 I look forward to assisting 

you  on your journey to radiant health and well being.


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