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About Collette 

Hi my name is Collette Taaffe I am a natural healer with a successful healing practice for over 20 years. in th USA and Ireland.

I was called to be a healer through my

own healing journey and can now offer my spiritual healing gifts

through first hand experience of what it takes to heal. I have great

compassion for all who come to my healing practice and

offer a sacred safe space for healing and transformation  and  rejuvenation to take place.

I.m a certified Aroma therapist, Reflexologist, Pranic Healer, certified massage therapist in Therapeutic Swedish, Pregnancy, Lymphatic massage, and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

I have helped 1000,s of my clients in healing and maintaining wellness, with my nurturing heart cantered bodywork and Pranic Healing energy sessions.

In my aromatherapy massage and consultations reflexology, pregnancy massage cranial sacral therapy lymphatic massage, and raindrop therapy I work amplifying your bodies natural ability to heal itself  through  our choosen therapy,  divine healing  love  and my intuitive  gifts and knowledge , listening deeply to your body  minimizing stress and pain, while increasing circulation Oxycontin & serotonin, the hormones of well being and longevity. 

In my Pranic Healing sessions I work in your energy field/Aura and also with your chakras system and organs, clearing stagnant physical emotional, mental, and unconscious energy blocks. Helping you identify and release old traumas, cellular memories, core beliefs, life style habits, ancestral programming and karma that cause disease and degeneration in our bodies.

      About             Collette

 0851586140 Ireland

480-551414 USA

Skype ColletteTaaffe 1

When the old stagnant energy is cleansed and released both energetically and physically , I then fortify your whole system with fresh prana which optimizes and amplifies the natural healing energy of your physical body and energy bodies This is a wonderful way to heal any condition or protect and maintain a healthy body with abundant energy It can also accelerate your spiritual awakening and empowerment to create the life your heart desired.

All of my therapies and classes are offered in a sacred safe compassionate space where my clients and students feel safe, valued, , and can relax into their healing and awakening process..

I am also the founder and teacher of Grace Dance and which I offer in sisterhood circles, women,s groups and classes.

There you will learn beautiful feminine practices using movement , breath, meditation, grounding and directly connecting to the heart p fMother   Earth , while using our juicy feminine sensual energy to open our body and soul to the flow of Grace and the waves of oceanic love in our bodies . It is very nourishing and nurturing practice and grounds you in the moment in your true feminine body and essence,

It is perfect at any time and especially  if you are feeling stressed,   technology overload, racing mind, iadrenal fatique, in overwhelm, ungrounded and spacey  or have been living in your masculine driven energy pushing through the day.

Grace dance will bring you home to your self love , your body and your feminine essence & power.

Grace Dance is offered in personal one on one sessions and group classes

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