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Body& Soul Attunement

  • Would you like to have more peace, joy, and live supported by the universe?

  • Do you live every day from your own inner guidance ?

  • Do you long to be doing soul work that fills you with joy ?

  • Do you want harmonious loving relationships?

  • Would you like more true abundance in your life?Are you ready to make a change to life?

  • Would you like more radiant health well being?​

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Chakra balancing

Divine Pranic  Healing .

The word Prana means life energy. Pranic Healing is a highly evolved and tested system of energy developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. It is used to heal a wide range of physical ,and psychological ailments and can be used to enhance any area of your life and specific health concerns, relationship issues, and pain in your body. It is also wonderful for speeding up the healing of any condition including broken bones and recovery from any illness

90 mins €115

60 mins  €85

/Package of 4/ 60 mins  €315

Package of 4./ 90 mins 


More Info.

Drop of water

Raindrop therapy

Is as wonderful as it sounds.

It is a very potent  native American Indian healing therapy for your spine ,vertabrae,  muscles. and immune system , that has 

been handed down from generation to generation.

7 very potent essentials oil are dropped down along your spine.

They are then massaged in with light feathery strokes and then deeper

strokes to deliver them deep into your cerebral fluid and tissue.

Heated towels are then placed on your back which relaxes your

muscles and enhances the absorption of these wonderful potent oils

into your body.The Pure essential oils penetrate within 12 seconds

into your bloodstream and your body is flooded with oxygen.

More Info

Aromatherapy Rose

Aromatherapy Consultation and Massage

Aromatherapy is the ancient art and science of blending and applying essential oils to heal balance, detoxify, and nourish our bodies . Our sense of smell is a wonderful way our bodies let us know what we need to heal and balance. .It is connected to the most primitive part of our brain and connects us to the earth and our innate wisdom to heal. Each essential oil has very specific healing properties that are absorbed into your blood stream within 12 seconds of applying to your skin..

More Info


Reflexology is the ancient healing art of massaging specific reflex points on the feet that correspond to all your organs, glands spine, bones and joints . As these points are being massaged with a special pressure point technique, energy travels up the major meridians in the body and the places that are congested or where energy is stagnant start to come into balance. A reflexology session is like receiving a tune for your whole body just like you bring your car for a service. Your feet and your whole body will feel totally rejuvenated and relaxed after your session.


Lymphatic activation & Massage

Lymphatic massage is a very gentle treatment that stimulates the lymphatic fluid to flow freely in the body. A healthy body depends on a healthy lymphatic system The function of our lymph is to carry waste from our cells and toxins out of our bodies. It is like our internal river flowing inside that bathes and cleanses every cell and tissue of harmful toxins. These toxins can stagnate causing disease. Our Lymphatic system does not have a pump like our heart that pumps the blood around our body

It is dependent on lymphatic massage, deep breathing practices ,and excercise to stimulate it to floww freely.When it becomes congested we become sluggish and open to disease. More Info

The more you open the more you fly
Photo of woman dancing

Body of Presence

[For women only]

is a meditation in motion of for your whole body ..A journey within connecting you to life force moving through your body moment by moment

In this class you will learn how to become totally present in your body through relaxing in to yourself,. I will guide you into connecting to your body breath by breath and doing slow gentle meditative movements 

Connecting and grounding into your root chakra  and connecting with mother earth The music will move you from your inner flow, from what is present for you, into the pleasurable motion your body makes as you find your own rhythm breath by breath. More info

woman dancing ecstatically

Grace Dance

[For women only]

You will be held in a sacred space of unconditional acceptance with no judgement as you surrender to the energy of your own l shakti ife force.

As you move in total presence and are held in the presence field of unconditional love the

tensions and contracted places within your body will start to open up and melt .

All the places you were holding let go effortlessly. The joy and pleasure

of just being, this moment this movement ,this breath will start to arise.

You will be totally her,e present, fully alive and free just to be. Dance wild Dance free.

Meditation Class

We cannot talk meditation and relaxation without talking about the muscle that most of us find the hardest to relax and let go , our racing minds. Our thoughts always seem to be 10 paces ahead of ourselves on our to-do lists and all the stuff we need to get done in a day The ancient masters of the east knew the power of deep meditative silence They knew how we as human beings are challenged by our racing minds and overworked nervous systems.

Many of them have traveled from the east to the West to teach this wonderful practice More Info

Pregnancy Massage

Aromatherapy massage for pregnant moms is one of the most wonderful ways to receive tender loving care for you and your baby during pregnancy.

As you bask in these aromas,while being gentled massaged and rocked you and your baby will come to feel the incredible feeling of all the tension and stress melting away. The gentle rocking and long relaxing strokes will lull you into a deep state of peace while the oils will begin to work their magic on your tense and tired muscles, swollen ankles, and stretch marks. More Information

Benefits of Massage

Soothes and unwinds stress, and anxiety-

Is great for calming nervous system, 

Relaxing your body and bringing peace to your mind.

It has been found to

 improve circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility and even increase

 your longevity

It can reduce many common ailments such as stress, 

muscle tightness, mind, anxiety, lift your Spirits, release tension and lactic acid, 

and just feels wonderful.

Call 0851586140 to schedule an appointment

Body and Soul Harmonising Skype session


Deeply Loving yourself  Skype session

The Body and soul harmonizing long distance session is done exactly 

in the same way except you will be in your own home.

We will set up a time where you can be in a place and relaxed

Each session is 60 or 90 mins .Longer session available on request.

To schedule appointment 

 0851586140 Ireland  / 480-9551414 USA

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