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The first step to creating all the changes you are desiring in your life is identifying what it is that is blocking your heart,s desires being manifested. 

In a Body-Soul Harmonizing session I will work with you in identifying the areas where stress, beliefs,and emotion are being held in your physical ,emotional and mental bodies. Beliefs and experiences from the past that are held on a cellular level that are causing energy blockages, and physical pain and that are keeping you from the life of your dreams.

These unconscious patterns and beliefs are the root of all disease and lack of having what we truly desire in our lives.

These patterns are controlling your behaviors .your choices, and your health and you may not even be aware of this.

Our bodies retain memory on a cellular level of everything that we have experienced since being born and even feelings and memories from past lifetimes that can effect us in this life.

In your session these memories can come to the surface to be identified and embraced in love . As this happens all that was out of your conscious awareness that has been holding you back is brought home to the light of your consciousness, and can begin to heal. Through intuitive insight and knowing I will assist you in uncovering these childhood wounds, beliefs, programming and memories that are keeping you stuck .

I will guide you to reconnect, in a very safe environment to the parts of yourself that are still living in fear, sadness anger, and separate from the divine love that you are.

I will facilitate and support you in embracing and learning to love every part yourself .

This energy that has been stuck in the your organs and glands and tissue for a long time and needs to be cleansed.

In a Body & Soul Harmonizing session I will work on in your energy field , your chakras, and your organs to clear the old stagnant energy from your cells and channel new fresh pure energy in its place. It is not enough just to talk about it . All the old energy has to be cleansed so your body and energy field can be ready to receive the pure life force and new sense of your self.

I will also teach you how to connect with your divine core self and bring divine truth to these parts of yourself that feel so abandoned and so unloved .

As you learn to embrace and meet yourself with love a melting begins to happen. The hardened places within you start to open and trust life ,trust love, and feel empowered to create your life and your heart,s desires .

All the energy that was unavailable to you is then returned to love.

Through your soul,s light and presence you can gently let go of the old and embrace the true divinity of who you are.

You can start to make empowered choices and through the divine truth of your soul open up to new beliefs about yourself and your life

From there true transformation happens effortlessly and the light and love within you grows stronger.

You will begin to effortlessly live and create your life from love,and the truth of your divine essence feeling totally supported by the universe from a place of deep strength and peace within.

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