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Divine Pranic Healing testimony

"I had a car accident and I have been recovering from a concussion. 

 My head has been constricted, brain fogged, headachy, dizzy, and ringing in my ears. 

After my divine Pranic healing session with Collette my head feels so much lighter, not tight, no brain fog, less headachy, dizzy, and moody. 

I have much more energy.

Thank you, Collette, for your gift of release and energy in all areas of my body-mind, and spirit,

Namaste Suzanne Koivun MSN, RN ".

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Pranic healing with Collette

"I had heard about the seemingly amazing results of pranic healing through Master Co on Youtube. As I've suffered with ongoing abdominal & back pain I decided to see if there was anyone practicing it in Dublin & to my pleasant surprise, I found the Dublin wellbeing centre.

I wasn't sure that Collette would live up to my hopes but from the moment I met her, I felt like this lovely lady is a healer.

Throughout the treatment, i felt sensations in the areas where i felt pain.

Immediately after the session, I felt fantastic.

i could feel a cool refreshing feeling as if i had eaten alot of mint in my abdomen where i previously felt pain.

I couldn't be happier with the treatment & i have already booked in for another one.

I would recommend this for everyone.

We all need to clear our stagnant energies & after a treatment with Collette, I am elated to find that it really works.

Thanks Collette ". S  Cooper

Welcome to Heart Song Healing

HI my name is  Collette Taaffe and I,d like to welcome you to

 Heartsong Healing 

All of the therapies I offer here totally support healing Body & Soul,

Stress management, and returning to a 

natural healthy life style in harmony with

 the natural cycles and circadian rhythms of the  Earth .

 I can help you if you are feeling 

burnt out,, stressed, fatigue, in a life transition ,healing a specific condition in your body,

 and giving your 

body and Soul  the support  

needed to balance, heal and rejuvenate .

With consistent healing therapy sessions you will feel more relaxed in any

 situation, more self love, increased  energy levels and the  ability

to live from your  authentic  self and  handle stressful situations and stressful 

people in your life. This  creates a happier healthier more radiant you.More Information

E-mail address*

Cranio Sacral Therapy

 Earth Essenctial

by Collette

All my blends are made with love and infused with blessings, with the highest quality therapeutic grade essentials oils , organic nut and seed oils,and living crystal structured water.​

Angela Cooper's


2 weeks ago my Son had a Divine pranic healing Treament with Collette . He had been suffering from sporadic pains in his stomach for years .After seeing many doctors with no result he decided to try Pranic healing . He has said its the best thing he has done . He says he’s never felt better.

I saw him the next evening and noticed he had a glow about him.

Angela Cooper



Feeling great serenity right now. Massive cleansing & healing of mind, body & soul. I don’t fully understand it but somehow I feel like you’re spot on in what you said about my lower energy. I could feel energy around my legs at one stage & maybe the spine work also is really making me feel like there has been a powerful change for the better. I can’t get enough of this feeling! As always, I’m delighted with the session & can’t praise you enough. You’re amazing & thank you for being the incredible shamanic healer you are. I am so happy to have found this & I feel like my life is blossoming beautifully in all ways. Thanks again.

See you next Wednesday 

Very best regards,

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0851586140 Ireland

353 851586140 International

480-9551414  USA

Zoom - Distance  Pranic Healing Sessions

0851586140 Ireland

353 851586140 International

Collette Taaffe

0851586140 Ireland; 

353 851586140 International

480-9551414 USA

Zoom - Remote Pranic Healing Sessions

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