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Pranic Healing 

Everything is energy, emotions ,thoughts belief, traumas, old physical wounds

and emotional wounds are all energy held in the cells and tissues, chakras,

and energy field of our system.

In a pranic healing session I will assist you in identifying

 patterns of energy, old beliefs that are the source of the 

issues you are wanting to clear and offer you practices and 

guidance to clear these blocks . Later in the session I will 

clear the congested stagnant prana [energy from your energy field,

 chakras, and organs and infuse fresh clean prana into your whole energy system.

The pranic healing energy has a natural divine healing intellgence of its 

own and will heal and balance your system in whatever way it is 

most needed. All you have to do is relax and let the energy work in you for your highest good.

Your first session is 90 mins and subsequent sessions are 90 and 60 mins.

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