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Shake well. Close your eyes. Hold the spritzer 10  your mouth and spritz 3-4 times to the back of your throat.  Now spray a couple of times up each nostril while breathing deeply and rapidly inhaling the powerful essential oils into your lungs and nasal passages.  The powerful oils will be carried into your lungs throat, and nasal passages where they will go to work. You may experience a little heat sensation in your nostrils and mouth  just relax and it will pass in a few seconds .If there is some of the mister on your face no worries. Just allow it to be absorbed. Within 10 seconds the potent essential oils will be absorbed into your blood stream where they will start doing their job To sanitize your hands spray on back and front of your hands  and rub hands together just  like you were washing them. Allow to air dry or gently pat dry with towel or tissue.

After a shower when you have dried off you can also spritz under your armpits as long as you are do not use any chemical deodorant. This is another way to deliver these super immune enhancers to where they need to go.

Feel free to use your spritzer any where you are. Perfect for traveling on planes buses, in the office , board room, hotel rooms, and traveling overseas.

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