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It’s also wonderful for to create a Time for Me night, which is a couple of hours one or more nights a week where you enjoy time for yourself. Soak in a long hot bath or shower adding some Luscious Earth essentials bath soaks. Light some candles around your tub or in your bedroom and lavishly massage your body with this luscious blend.

My blends are blended with the highest quality nut and seed oils that are so like the oils in your own skin. They will absorb deeply into your body replenishing your own natural oils. There are many different blends to choose from each bringing you the healing gifts of the purest essential oils


Shake the bottle well. Allow 7 or 8 drops fall into your palm. Rub your two hands together, warming the oil. Then massage oil all over your body and breathe deeply in the healing aromas. Allow a few minute for the oil to soak into your skin.

Size 100 mls.

Body Love oil blends[s are available by themselves or in and sets with Footsie massage oil and Body spritzers, and matching facial oils.

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